Faculty & Staff


Eva Harris

Faculty Director, CGPH
Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology

Art Reingold

Associate Faculty Director, CGPH
Professor of Epidemiology

Hildy Fong Baker

Executive Director, CGPH

Steering Committee

Malcolm Potts

Professor, UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Former Chair, Bixby Center

Lee Riley

Professor, Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases
Chair, Division of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology

Kirk R. Smith

Professor of Global Environmental Health
Associate Director for International Programs, COEH
Director of MS Program in Global Health and Environment

Student Staff

Kaitlyn Jackson

Nicole Kim

CGPH Faculty & Researchers

Miguel Altieri

Agroecology, UC Berkeley

Colette Auerswald

Community Health and Human Development (Adolescent Health), UC Berkeley

John Balmes

Environmental Health, UC Berkeley/UCSF

Michael Bates

Epidemiology and Environmental Health, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Robert Beatty

Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley

Stefano Bertozzi

Dean, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley

Martha Campbell

Family Planning, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Xóchitl Castañeda

Migrant Health, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Ralph Catalano

Public Health and the Economy, UC Berkeley (SPH)

John Colford

Faculty Profile

Josefina Coloma

Immunology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology, UC Berkeley

Jason Corburn

City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley

William Dow

Health Policy and Management, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Brenda Eskenazi

Epidemiology, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Lia Fernald

Nutrition, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Paul Gertler

Economics, UC Berkeley (Haas)

Katherine Hammond

Environmental Health, UC Berkeley

Anke Hemmerling

Intedisciplinary MPH program, UC Berkeley (SPH)/UCSF

Nina Holland

Environmental Health, UC Berkeley

Seth Holmes

Medical Anthropology, UC Berkeley

John Marshall

Emily Ozer

Community Health & Human Development (Adolescent Health), UC Berkeley (SPH)

Nancy Padian

Epidemiology, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Stephen Rappaport

Environmental Health, UC Berkeley (SPH)

George Scharffenberger

Director, Master of Development Practice, UC Berkeley

Desiree Labeaud

Pediatric Infectious Disease, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute

Catherine Metayer

Epidemiology/Biostatistics, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Phuoc Le

Interdisciplinary MPH, UC Berkeley (SPH)/UCSF

Kara Nelson

Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley

Scott Lee

Epidemiology, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Ndola Prata

Maternal and Child Health, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Sandra McCoy

Epidemiology, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Richard Scheffler

Health Economics & Public Policy, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Suellen Miller

Maternal and Child Health, UC Berkeley/UCSF

Megan Schwarzman

Environmental Health, UC Berkeley

Allan H. Smith

Epidemiology, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Charlotte Smith

Environmental Health (Water), UC Berkeley (SPH)

Karen Sokol-Gutierrez

Maternal and Child Health (oral health), UC Berkeley (SPH)

Robert Spear

Environmental Health

Sarah Stanley

Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, UC Berkeley (SPH)

Eric Stover

Law, UC Berkeley (Boalt)

David Tuller

Journalism, UC Berkeley (SPH/GSJ)

Julia Walsh

Maternal and Child Health/Health Policy, UC Berkeley (SPH)