UC Berkeley Global Health Courses

Graduate Courses 2015-16

Fall 2015

Required for GH Specialty Area

PH C253 / DEV C232 Global Health Core Course I: Introduction to Global Health, 2 units (Fong)

Public health electives
PH 203A Theories of Health and Social Behavior 1 unit (STAFF)
PH 204A Mass Communications in Public Health 3 units (Dorfman)
PH 206A Nutrition Status, Physical Activity, and Chronic Conditions 3 units (Laraia)
PH 206C Nutritional Epidemiology 3 units (Madsen)
PH 210B Adolescent Health 3 units (Deardorff)
PH 210C Needs Assessment in Maternal and Child Health 3 units (Hughes)
PH 211 Health and Human Rights 3 units (Stover)
PH 212A International Maternal and Child Health 2 units (Prata)
PH 213A Family Planning, Population Change, and Health 3 units (Prata)
PH 219D Social and Behavioral Health Research: Introduction to Survey Methods 3 units (Martinez)
PH 220 Health Policy Decision-Making 3 units (Keller)
PH 220D Health Policy Advocacy 3 units (Snyder)
PH 226D Global Health Economics 3 units (Scheffler)
PH 227A Health Care Finance 3 units (Mac Pherson)
PH C233 Healthy Cities 3 units (STAFF)
PH 235 Impact Evalaution for Health Professionals (Colford, Gertler)
PH 260A Principles of Infectious Diseases 4 units (Riley)
PH 264 Current Issues in Infectious Diseases 2 units (Liu)
PH 265 Molecular Parasitology (Harris)
PH 270 Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences 3 units (Balmes

Agriculture & Resource Economics
A RESEC C253 International Economic Development Policy 3 units (Dejanvry)

City Planning
CY PLAN 231 Housing in Developing Countries 3 units (Alsayyad) Development Practice
DEVP C221 Climate, Energy and Development 3 units (STAFF)
DEVP 222 Economics of Sustainable Resource Development 3 units (Roland-Holst)

ECON C270A Microeconomics of Development 3 units (Sadoulet)
ECON 280A/B International Economics 3 units (Rodriguez-Clare/Gourinchas)

Environmental Design / Environmental Science
EV DES 251 Discourse and Methods in Contemporary Urban Design 1,3 units (Davids)
ESPM 209 Pathogen and Disease Ecology 1 unit (Zeilinger)

INFO C283 Information and Communications Technology for Development 3 units (Burrell)

LAW 264.6 Health and Human Rights 3 units (Haar, Stover)

Public Policy
PUB POL 210A The Economics of Public Policy Analysis 4 units (Raphael)
PUB POL C253 International Economic Development Policy 3 units (Dejanvry)

Science and Technology Studies
STS C250 Science and Technology Studies Research Seminar 3 units (Iles)

Social Welfare
SOC WEL 250Y International Social Development 2 units (Midgley)

Spring 2016

Spring courses listed here are based on Spring 2015. Check here later to see if the same course is offered in 2016.

Required Core Course
PH 212D Global Health Core Course II: The Future of Global Health, 2 units (Le/Hemmerling)

Approved public health electives
PH 200A Current issues in Public Health Ethics: Research and Practice 3 units
PH 200C3 Health and Social Behavior Breadth 2 units
PH 201E Public Health Interventions: Theory, Practice, and Research 2,3 units
PH C202B Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Health Status 3 units
PH 204F Culture, Public Health Practice, and Eliminating Health Disparities: From Ideas to Action in the 21st Century 3 units
PH 205 Program Planning, Development, and Evaluation 4 units
PH 206B Food and Nutrition Policies and Programs 3 units
PH 207A Public Health Aspects of Maternal and Child Nutrition 2 units
PH 210D Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology 2 units
PH 212C Migration and Health: A U.S.-Mexico Binational Perspective 2-3 units
PH 212D Global Health Core Course 3 units
PH 212E Private Sector Health Services in Developing Countries 2 units
PH 214 Eat.Think.Design 3 units
PH 217C Aging and Public Health 3 units
PH 218B Evaluation of Health and Social Programs 4 units
PH 219E Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Public Health Research 3 units

PH 220C Health Risk Assessment, Regulation, and Policy 4 units
PH 222A Health Care Technology Policy 2 units
PH 223C Strategic Management and the Organization of Health Services 2,3 units
PH 223F Effective Public Health Negotiations 2 units
PH 226C Public Health and the Economy 3 units
PH 227A Health Care Finance 3 units
PH 243C Information Systems in Public Health 2 units
PH 253B Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases 3 units
PH 253D Behavior and Policy Science in HIV Treatment and Prevention 3 units
PH 253G Sexual Health Promotion and Sexually Transmitted Di... 2 units
PH 254 Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology 3 units
PH 255A Social Epidemiology 3 units
PH 257 Outbreak Investigation 2 units
PH 260F Infectious Disease Research in Developing Countries 2 units
PH 271C Drinking Water and Health 3 units
PH 271D Global Burden of Disease and Comparative Risk Assessment 3 units
PH 271E Science and Policy for Environment and Health 3 units
PH C271G Health Implications of Climate Change 3 units
PH 272A Geographic Information Science for Public and Environmental Health 4 units
PH C285 Traffic Safety and Injury Control 3 units

Undergraduate Courses 2015-16

PH 181 Poverty and Population (Potts, 3 units) (Fa)
PH 116 Social, Political and Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine (Potts, 2 units) (Fa/Sp)
PH 150D - Introduction to Health Policy and Management (Halpin, 3 units) (Fa)
PH 112 Global Health: A Multidisciplinary Examination (Reingold, 4 units) (Sp)
PH C117- Introduction to Global Health Disparities Research (Reingold, 2 units) (Sp)
PH 126- Health Economics and Public Policy (Fulton, 3 units) (Sp)

SOCWEL 112 - Social Welfare Policy (Segal, 3 units) (Fa/Sp)
PUBPOL C103 - Wealth and Poverty (Reich, 3 units) (Sp)

CIVENG 111L- Water and Air Quality Laboratory (Kirchstetter, 1 unit) (Sp)
CE 113N - Ecological Engineering for Water Quality Improvement (Sp)

DEV STD C10 - Introduction to Development (Watts, 4 units) (Fa)

EPS 80 - Environmental Earth Science (Ingram, 2 units) (Fa/Sp)
EPS C180- Air Pollution (Goldstein, 3 units) (Sp)

ECON 157- Health Economics (Dube, 4 units) (Fa/Sp)
ECON 131- Public Economies (Saez, 4 units) (Sp)

EDU C148 - Education and International Development (Murphy-Graham, 4 units) (Fa)

ENVECON 145 - Health and Environmental Economic Policy (Anderson, 3 units) (Fa)
ENVECON C151 - Economic Development (de Janvry, 4 units)
ENVDES 4B- Global Cities (Reid, 3 units) (Fa/Sp)
ERG 102 - Quantitative Aspects of Global Environmental Problems (Harte, 4 units) (Sp)
ERG 175- Water and Development (Ray, 4 units) (Sp)
ENVECON 153- Population, Environment and Development (Marsh, 3 units) (Sp)
ENVECON 154- Economics of Poverty and Technology (Boettiger, 3 units) (Sp)
ENVECON 162- Economics of Water Resources (Sunding, 3 units) (Sp)
ENVDES 4C- Future Ecologies: Urban Design, Climate Adaptation and Thermodynamics (Hill, 3 units) (Sp)
ENVDES 4B- Global Cities
ESPM 102C- Resource Management (Castillo, 4 units) (Sp)
ESPM 152- Global Change Biology (Rosenblum, 3 units) (Fa)
ESPM 165- International Rural Development Policy (Carr, 4 units) (Sp)
ESPM 166- Natural Resource Policy and Indigenous Peoples (Carr, 4 units) (Sp)
ESPM C167- Environmental Health and Development (Smith, 4 units) (Sp)

ETH STD 173 - Indigenous Peoples in Global Inequality (Biolsi, 4 units) (Fa/Sp)

GWS - Gender, Race, Nation, and Health (Nelson, 4 units) (Fa)

GEOG 10 - World Regions, Peoples, and States (Kosek, 4 units) (Fa)
GEOG 130- Food and the Environment (Sp)
GEOG C136- Water in Terrestrial Environment (Sp)

GPP 105 - The Ethics, Methods and Pragmatics of Global Practice (Talwalker, 4 units) (Fa/Sp)
GPP 115 - Global Poverty: Challenges and Hopes in the the Millenium (Roy, 4 units) (Fa)
GPP 196 - Global Poverty and Practice Capstone Course (Lucas, 3 units) (Sp) 3 units

INTEGBI C195 - Introduction to Global Health Disparities Research (Reingold, 2 units) (Sp)

NUSCTX 104 - Human Food Practices (Rasmussen, 2 units) (Sp)
NUSCTX 135 - Food Systems Organization and Management (Rasmussen, 4 units) (Sp)
NUSCTX 145 - Nutrition Education and Counseling (Mccoin, 2 units) (Sp)

PACS 126 - International Human Rights (Zook, 4 units) (Fa)

POLI SCI 124C - Ethics and Justice in International Affairs (Gurowitz, 4 units) (Fa)

PSYCH 134 - Health Psychology (Fisher, 3 units) (Fa/Sp)

SOCIOL C115 - Sociology of Health and Medicine (Nathan, 4 units) (Fa/Sp)
SOCIOL 127- Development and Globalization (Gold, 4 units) (Fa/Sp)
SOCIOL 124 - Sociology of Poverty (Sanchez-Jankowski, 4 units) (Fa)