Catch what you missed! The CGPH Annual Symposium, “The Future of Global Healthy Food: From Science to Policy”, took place on October 18, 2013. Photos and video clips from the event are available. The keynote speaker was the notable author of “Food Politics”, “What to Eat”, and the new “Eat, Drink, Vote”, Dr. Marion Nestle.
“Global Health: The Local Impact.” – RSVP Now Global health challenges could be right next door.  What happens on another continent could occur in North America? (Dengue Fever has recently shown up in Florida.) The Hayden Group hosts Dr. Eva Harris on November 21, 2013, sought-after speaker and Faculty Director of CGPH  and founder and president of the Sustainable
The 2014-2015 GHES application round is now open! The Global Health Equity Scholars (GHES) program offers a unique international experience for Junior Faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and advanced PhD and professional school students. It provides one-year research training fellowship opportunities in global health at top-ranked, NIH-funded centers abroad. The GHES program is one of five supported by the Global
Join CGPH Faculty Eva Harris, Lee Riley, Jason Corburn, and Kara Nelson as we present the CGPH Spring Symposium The Challenge of Slums: Global Health in the Urban Century, a follow-up to last year’s symposium Global Change and Global Health. Keynote speaker: Eliyah Zulu, PhD. Co-hosted by the Bixby Center; Venture Strategies for Health and

2009 Symposium

On May 8, 2009 The Bixby Center co-sponsored cross-disciplinary symposium on Global Change and Global Health with Berkeley Alliance for Global Health and the Center for Global Metropolitan Studies.  The symposium focused on urban health challenges at the intersection of climate change, demographic shifts and economic globalization. Both within and beyond UC Berkeley, there is