UC Berkeley Center for Global Public Health Research Fellowships 2019

2016 CGPH Fellows Photo Credit (left to right): Sam Schildhauer (Thailand), Claire Boone (Brazil), Jillian Kadota (Tanzania), Shane Fallon (Peru)

The Center for Global Public Health established its annual graduate student research fellowships in 2008 to provide experiential learning for Berkeley students who are interested in global public health. This year, eight to ten research fellowships in the amount of $3,000-$5,000 will be awarded to qualified students who are selected, via a competitive evaluation process, to support 8-12 weeks of international travel and research activities in Summer 2018.

The project must take place at an approved faculty research site in a low- to middle-income country (LMIC). These sites are often long-term field study sites of UC Berkeley and/or UC San Francisco (UCSF) faculty members. The student’s primary supervisor can be their on-site field supervisor for the proposed research, but students must also have a direct faculty supervisor from UC Berkeley or UCSF who will help oversee their work and provide a letter of support and has signed the affiliation agreement with the CGPH.

The CGPH welcomes proposed research projects in all public health disciplines. 

Call for proposals: Proposals for 2019 research fellowships are due Friday, February 15, 2019 at 5 PM. Fellows will be notified prior to March 29, 2019.

Eligibility: Students must currently be enrolled in a graduate degree program at UC Berkeley. Students enrolled in UCB-UCSF joint programs (i.e., the JMP or MTM program) are eligible.

Application Requirements: Applicants should develop a research proposal with the help of their mentors (on-site and at one of the eligible universities). To apply, please email the first three application materials listed below as a single PDF to titled “FIRST LAST CGPH Fellows Application 2019.pdf” prior to Tuesday, February 15, 2019 at 5 PM.

Applications should include:

1. A two-page research proposal that contains (at a minimum):

  • Project title
  • Research Aims
    • Relevant background information
    • A description of the public health problem your proposal seeks to address/explore
  • Specific aims and/or hypotheses
  • Methods
  • On-site collaborators (including a description of how you will train/work with local students, researchers, and affiliates to ensure the equitable and ethical conduct of research and dissemination of results)
  • Methodology (study design, sample size, IRB approval (local and international), etc.)
  • A discussion of the strengths and limitations of the chosen methodology
  • A projection of potential obstacles and description(s) of solutions/alternative strategies or resources that can be used to overcome
  • Anticipated results/conclusions/PH significance
  • Personal motivation
    • How are you prepared for this experience (e.g. language training)?
    • How will this opportunity help advance your long-term (career) public health goals?

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Budget--including airfare, living expenses, immunizations, incidentals, etc. You are required to indicate if any of these costs will be defrayed by other funding sources.

4. Please have letters of support from faculty mentor (required) and/or external site advisor (if applicable) sent to before the deadline. 

Student commitments required for the award:

  • Attend the pre-departure workshops (TBD: April 2019)
  • Develop a Field Safety Plan that is finalized prior to dispersal of funds, signed by student and mentor(s)
  • Register with UC Travel, the US Dept of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), and Worldcue
  • Prior to travel: UCB CPHS approval (IRB) for human subjects research (if exempt, send us a letter indicating the exemption), as well as local IRB approval letters
  • Mid-summer update to CGPH (can be via skype, email, or a brief written report
  • 2-3 page final report/summary on the experience in the form of a short report/brief
  • A minimum of two summer research updates/blog posts to be displayed on the CGPH website, and photos
  • Presentation at the Fall 2019 Summer Fellowship Symposium (September/October)


Proposals will be evaluated by a faculty committee based on:

  • Public health relevance and effectiveness of proposed methodology
  • Feasibility of the project and budget according to timeline (8-12 weeks)
  • Strength of student's background, including preparedness for working abroad